575 Denim / May 75

575 Denim ,2340 E. Olympic Blvd. , Los Angeles, Ca 90021

Origin of Brand : USA
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575 DENIM / MAY 75
575 DENIM / MAY 75 founder and head designer, Frank Mechaly, explains the recent change of his denim brand name from 575 DENIM to MAY 75. As we were thinking about the various options for the name of our premium denim brand, we wanted to come up with something which was related personally to me and my life. This is the reason that we decided to call it years ago 575 DENIM , standing for my birthday which is May 1975. Over the years we were asked frequently by our customers about the significance of 575 DENIM? It seemed, even though clear to us, that most customers could not make the connection! As the personal connection of the brand to its founder and the transparency of its meaning was important to us we decided to make it clearer for everyone and call it MAY 75 starting with the upcoming season. The new name and logo is being slowly introduced to the market. We have received positive feedback from all sides and are looking forward to continue growing our label MAY 75. 575 DENIM / MAY 75 is a vintage inspired denim line designed to adorn the bodies of jean enthusiasts around the world. Our new design team from Europe has added amazing detailing to each garment and has, created many new styles and washes.

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