Prps Jeans

Prps Usa 588 Broadway Suite 304 Newyourk Ny10013

Origin of Brand : USA
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PRPS Jeans
Prps is a New York-based luxury fresh denim brand which was established in 2003, and was founded by former Nike designer, Donwan Harrell. The brand motto is Bruised, never broken. Prps jeans are manufactured in Japan. The denim used for the manufacture of the jeans, is organically grown in Africa[citation needed]. The Japanese manufacturer of the jeans uses looms from the 1960s similar to the type that were used to produce denim for Levi`s. Modern looms are more efficient in the amount of material used, however, the older, classic looms produce a stronger edge to the fabric, which result in increased prices in denim when older looms are used. The leather jackets that are produced by PRPS are produced in Italy. Harrell says that the manufacturing process was inspired by denim worn by workers before it became popular as an everyday fashion [citation needed]. The designer launched a women`s range in the US in September 2008 and will be launching in Europe and Asia in January 2009. Some of the distinguishing features of Prps jeans include a folded back pocket, the purple tab on the back pocket, different colored buttons on the fly, and purple line selvage.

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