Takeshy Kurosawa

Langella Uomo Srl Interporto Campano Lotto C 80035 Nola (na) Italy

Origin of Brand : Italy
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Takeshy Kurosawa
The brand Takeshy Kurosawa was born in 2002 to provide the company`s customers with high quality and a strong character. The production is exclusively italian, and takes meticolous care of denim fabric. Collections offer a total look made with attention to the finest details about fabrics, workmanships and tayloring. The main theme of Takeshy Kurosawa is ambient demin. The company develops all collactions in its main office, and has different operative buildings in Italy, through whitch it takes care of the production and the relationship with national and international commercial partners. The company realizes in Italy all advertising and distribution operations, thanks to a direct relationship with clients. The product in carefully distributed in the retail store and the brand has a good position together with other popular brands.

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